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Fairhaven Lake

Nestled in the scenic expanse between Lytham and St Annes in the Fylde district of Lancashire lies Fairhaven Lake, a sparkling body of salt water and a testament to the region's rich history.
This lake doesn’t just mirror the sky; it reflects a community spirit, offers a sanctuary to diverse wildlife, and stands as a witness to many historical events.

The charm of Fairhaven Lake


Spanning over 19.5 hectares, including the lake itself, Fairhaven Lake is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. From its well-maintained gardens to its wide range of facilities, it's no surprise that the park has retained its Green Flag award.

The lake, roughly half a mile long, is home to two large islands and brimming with opportunities for fun and relaxation. There's something for everyone at Fairhaven Lake.

fairhaven lake

Fairhaven Lake's Timeless Appeal


Fairhaven Lake, spread over a vast 19.5 hectares, has forever been the centre of attraction for locals and tourists alike. Its pristine gardens, reflecting the colours of each season, and the facilities, which have ensured its retention of the Green Flag award since 2004, make it the crown jewel of the area.

Boasting a length of half a mile, the lake has two major islands and offers endless possibilities for entertainment, adventure, and serenity. From the thrill of boating to the leisurely pace of tennis, from the excitement of crazy golf to the tranquillity of bird-watching, Fairhaven Lake promises an experience like no other.

Activities: Dive into the World of Fun!


At Fairhaven Lake, there's never a dull moment:


Water Sports: Unleash your adventurous side by diving into a plethora of water activities.


Visitors can hire rowing boats for as low as £10 per half hour, experience the breeze with pedalos starting at £12, or indulge in canoeing for £7 per person. Those looking for a rush can opt for windsurfing sessions or witness the thrill of hydroplane racing on selected weekends.

Land Activities: There's much to do for those who wish to remain on terra firma. With tennis courts, a dynamic fitness trail, a modern skate and BMX park, and a vibrant crazy golf course, activity choices are endless. If relaxation is your calling, stroll through the gardens, bask in the sun at the bowling greens, or let your children create memories at the playground.

Wildlife Encounters: Beyond recreational offerings, Fairhaven Lake is a thriving ecosystem. The RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre offers enlightening experiences for those eager to understand the lake's avian life and its commendable conservation endeavors.

Fairhaven Lake Cafe

Facilities: Your Comfort, Our Priority


Fairhaven Lake is not just about activities; it's about experiences

Food and Drink: After all the excitement, the Fairhaven Lake Cafe, overlooking the serene waters, serves as the perfect spot to recharge. With dishes ranging from £4 to £12, indulge in delicious meals, aromatic teas, or delightful ice creams.

Amenities: The park's infrastructure ensures the utmost convenience for its visitors. Ample parking spaces, clean public toilets, and easy public transport access with the Ansdell and Fairhaven railway station nearby make the lake an easily accessible destination.

History: Fairhaven's Timeless Saga


Fairhaven Lake's creation dates back to the late 19th century, orchestrated by the Fairhaven Estates Company. The lake underwent several modifications, but 1926 marked a historic year when Lord Ashton of Lancaster acquired the lake and its adjoining gardens, gifting them to the Corporation of Lytham St Anne's.

Location: Getting to Fairhaven Lake


Fairhaven Lake stands at Ansdell as a serene midpoint between Lytham and St Anne's town centres. The location is GPS-friendly, with the postcode FY8 1YD directing you straight to this oasis.

Spitfire at Fairhaven Lake

Spitfire Memorial


In 1941, a Spitfire, designated W3644, took to the skies, a symbol of the region's commitment to the war effort. As it escorted bombers over France, it faced its tragic fate off the Devon coast during its return.


The downing of the Spitfire resonated deeply within the community, especially given its pilot - Sgt Alan Lever-Ridings - had familial ties to the region.


His mother and grandparents resided in St Annes, and during the unveiling of the nine-metre (30ft) long Spitfire replica near Fairhaven Lake, numerous surviving relatives were in attendance.


This majestic aircraft now stands proudly by the lake, not only as a memorial to the valor of World War II pilots but also as a poignant connection to Sgt Lever-Ridings and the region's history. It is now looked after by Fylde Council.

Nearby Cafes and Shops


Extend your experience by exploring the local Ansdell & Fairhaven. From artisan coffees to boutique shops, and a Co-op convenience store to places to eat, there's something for every palate and preference.

Fairhaven's New Sea Wall 


A recent addition is the sea wall stretching around the south of Fairhaven Lake. This wall is not just a protective barrier but offers a picturesque walk with views sweeping across the River Ribble.



Fairhaven Lake embodies the essence of Lytham St Annes – a blend of nature, activity, and history. Every visit reveals something new, every experience promises a memory. Discover Fairhaven Lake – the heart of Lytham St Annes!

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