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Ansdell & Fairhaven

Nestled between the charming coastal towns of Lytham and St Anne's in Lancashire, England, lie the closely-knit communities of Ansdell and Fairhaven.

Many locals don't know this, Ansdell is the only known area in the country to be named after artist - Richard Ansdell RA (pictured here)

Known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and serene atmosphere, Ansdell & Fairhaven stands as a testament to the tranquil beauty of Lancashire's coastline.

Richard Ansdell

A Brief Overview of Ansdell & Fairhaven

Overview Ansdell and Fairhaven

Ansdell is a quaint village, named after the renowned artist Richard Ansdell, who once resided in the area and left a lasting legacy through his numerous oil paintings.


The village is home to local shops, amenities, and the well-known Ansdell & Fairhaven railway station. It boasts easy access to the beach and its very own Fairhaven Lake.

On the other hand, Fairhaven, named after an early resident, Thomas Fair, is famous for its artificial lake, also known as Fairhaven Lake.


The lake, more formally known as the Ashton Marine Park, is one of the borough's most popular attractions.

Fairhaven Lake: A Coastal Retreat

Fairhaven Lake Info

Fairhaven Lake, one of the region's most popular attractions, is located between Lytham and St Anne's. The saltwater lake is positioned directly on the coast next to Granny's Bay and Stanner Bank.


The lake offers a host of activities and facilities, including children's play facilities, boat hire, promenades and walks, a café, crazy golf, and a picnic area, to name a few.

A visit to Fairhaven Lake is not complete without a visit to the RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre. Well worth popping in with the kids.


The lake is also home to a full-size Spitfire memorial for the aptly named 'Lytham St Annes Spitfire', a tribute to the iconic aircraft that played a pivotal role in World War II.

Further details on our blog page: Fairhaven Lake

The Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club

Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club Introduction
Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club

Adjacent to the Ansdell & Fairhaven railway station is the prestigious Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club, a host to the Open Championship. The entrance to the Royal Lytham Golf Club is in St. Annes off St Thomas's Road, on Links Gate.


During national and international competitions, the Ansdell & Fairhaven station is used to transport spectators to the course. The golf club holds a special place in the heart of this community, attracting golf enthusiasts from far and wide.

Community Life in Ansdell & Fairhaven

Community Life in Ansdell & Fairhaven

Ansdell and Fairhaven take pride in their close-knit community life. Away from the tourist attractions and the hustle and bustle of larger towns, these communities have remained a well-kept secret — a 'hidden gem'.


The locals enjoy the tranquillity and the 'village-y feel' of the area with all the necessary amenities nearby.

The residents of Ansdell and Fairhaven are also blessed with the largest school in Lancashire, Lytham St Annes High Technology College, within walking distance from every home in the village. Thats the school I went to!

The White Church: An Architectural Marvel

The White Church

Another point of pride for the town is the Fairhaven United Reformed Church.


Known for its unusual Byzantine-style design and glazed white tiles, the church is commonly known as the 'White Church'.


The White Church, a 10-minute walk from the station, is a must-visit for anyone touring the area.

You can't miss this iconic landmark as you travel down Clifton Drive in Ansdell near the traffic lights to Fairhaven Lake.

The White Church Ansdell Lancashire

Ansdell Heritage Trail

Ansdell Heritage Trail Guide

For those interested in the rich history of Ansdell, the Ansdell Heritage Trail provides an immersive journey into the past.

The Ansdell Heritage Trail is more than just a path. It's a journey through time, taking you to the very heart of Lytham St Annes' rich history and cultural tapestry.

Starting at the historical Ansdell Library, a beacon of knowledge and community for the area, the trail invites you on a winding path through yesteryears. The library, with its beautiful red brick facade, often hosts talks, and on this particular day, Beth Wilson is sharing stories of the trail’s significance.

As you walk, you can't help but notice the Fairhaven Lake on your left. This serene body of water has been a place of reflection, both literally and figuratively, for the residents of the area for generations. Birds skim its surface, and if you pause, you might catch a glimpse of a heron poised elegantly in search of its next meal.

The trail then takes you to various significant landmarks. There's the old railway station, a nod to Ansdell's historical connection to the rest of Lancashire and beyond.


The old station structure has long gone on the line which served Blackpool Central Station in the days of steam. There is still an hourly service along the single track these days connecting to Kirkham and beyond to Preston Station. More info shortly.

Ansdell Goods Yard

As you near the end of the trail, the Fairhaven Methodist Church comes into view. Its stunning architecture and storied past make it a highlight. Here, the past intertwines with the present, as modern-day congregations gather, much like their predecessors did, seeking solace and community.

Finally, as you round back towards Ansdell Library, perhaps stopping by a local café for a cup of tea, you can't help but feel a deep connection to this place.


The Ansdell Heritage Trail isn't just a walk; it's an immersion into the stories, the people, and the heart of Ansdell and Fairhaven.

Download the pdf full map online >> HERE

Ansdell & Fairhaven Railway Station: A Journey Through Time

Ansdell & Fairhaven Railway Station
Ansdell Fairhaven Station

The Ansdell & Fairhaven railway station serves as a vital link between these charming small towns and the bustling larger cities.


The station has undergone several name changes throughout its history, initially opening as Ansdell in 1872, and later being renamed Ansdell's Gate, Ansdell's Halt, before finally adopting the name Ansdell & Fairhaven in January 1906.

The station's history is rich and varied, having been opened by the Blackpool and Lytham Railway, and later absorbed by the Preston and Wyre Joint Railway.


It was part of the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway during the Grouping of 1923 and passed to the London Midland Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.

Today, Ansdell & Fairhaven railway station serves as a crucial transportation hub, offering an hourly service in each direction Monday to Saturday, and a limited Sunday service to Blackpool South, Preston, and Colne.

Dining and Leisure in Ansdell & Fairhaven

Dining in Ansdell

A couple of restaurants on Woodlands Road in Ansdell. Eighty-Eight Chinese Restaurant has been established for many years and has an excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Google. You can book a table by calling: 01253736975 or visit online

Also popular is the sizzling pub The Blossoms, down the far end of Woodlands Road near to Fylde Rugby Club. Full details online: The Blossoms . or call 01253736735


After a day of exploring, visitors can unwind at the newly refurbished Fairhaven Lake Cafe (it's dog friendly too), which offers breathtaking waterside views of the lake and gardens. The cafe boasts an extensive menu of meals, snacks, handmade cakes, and desserts.

Meanwhile, the Stannah Bank Kiosk, located in the car park between Fairhaven Lake and Granny's Bay, serves a wide range of hot and cold drinks, ice creams, and snacks. Several picnic benches around the lake and park area offer a perfect spot for a peaceful meal amidst nature.

There is also a Dominos Pizza Takeaway, Food Fest, and highly rated R Coffee shop with seating, plus Yum Yums Cafe across the road from the Co-op Food which has everything you need if stopping self-catering.

On this site, we have a great restaurant guide for Lytham, just 2 miles down Clifton Drive. I have listed all the great places to eat there plus a couple of my favourites!



The unique charm of Ansdell & Fairhaven lies in its blend of history, nature, and community spirit.


This hidden gem in Lytham St Annes Lancashire offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a perfect getaway for those seeking tranquillity, beauty, and a dash of history.

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