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St Annes Beach Huts

Your Seaside Haven in Fylde, Lancashire


There's a place on St Annes Beach where the charm of traditional seaside fun merges with modern comforts to create the ultimate coastal experience. Welcome to the St Annes Beach Huts, a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary luxury right on the picturesque Fylde coast.

A Brief History of St Annes Beach Huts


The tradition of beach hut rental in St Annes has been a staple of the seaside experience since 2012. It's all about spending the day at the shoreline, making memories with friends and family. They are open from 10 am until 12 midnight.


The recent revival of the St Annes Beach Huts has added a sophisticated twist to this beloved custom, providing a convenient and comfortable base for beachgoers.

The Perfect Location


Nestled on the promenade, just a stone's throw away from the miniature train and golf course, the huts offer an unrivaled view of the stunning seascape. Whether you're planning a day trip or looking for a tranquil retreat, the strategic location of these beach huts ensures that you are never too far away from all the attractions that St Annes Beach has to offer.

History of th Beach Huts
St Annes Beach Huts

What's Inside a St Annes Beach Hut?


Each beach hut is a paradise of convenience, packed with amenities to make your seaside outing as comfortable as possible.


The huts are equipped with mains electricity and fitted kitchens complete with fresh water supply, a fridge, heater, microwave, kettle, and cutlery for six.


You'll also find cups, glasses, plates, a freshly laundered tea towel, a cleaning cloth, and washing-up liquid. For your seating comfort, each hut features a removable ship's table, bench seating for three, and four folding chairs.

Note: While BBQs are not allowed at the beach huts, you can always pack a picnic to enjoy in the comfort of your hut.

Whats inside?
Inside a st. annes beach hut

Pet-Friendly Beach Huts


Dog lovers will be delighted to know that their furry friends are welcome at the Beach Huts. However, do be mindful of the seasonal restrictions in place on St Annes Beach.

Pet Feindly Beach Huts

Booking Your Beach Hut


Booking a beach hut is as easy as a few clicks. Once you've secured your rental, you can start planning your beach picnic!


Accessibility Information


The St Annes Beach Huts are committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy their time at the beach. For more information about accessibility, please check out the official accessibility guide.


A Day at St Anne's Beach Hut:

What to Expect


From the moment you arrive, you'll be greeted by the sight of well-maintained beach huts, each offering a private sanctuary for you and your loved ones. Access to the huts is from 10am until midnight, with a maximum capacity of 8 persons per hut.

Upon arrival, you'll receive a key that grants you access to the communal toilet area. In the Beach Hut area, you'll find carts that you can use to transport your belongings to and from your hut.

What to expect

Customer Testimonials


Don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of the guests had to say about their experience at the St Annes Beach Huts:

  • "We had a wonderful day in the beach hut for my wife's birthday, the facility is fantastic and has everything you need to enjoy the day." - James U.

  • "Excellent clean has everything you need the man walking up and down is very helpful and friendly." - Bev J.

  • "We hired beach hut 11 for the day... the hut has everything you need and is very comfortable. We are definitely coming back next year." - Louise C.


St Annes Beach Hut: A Weather Forecast


Before you pack your picnic basket and head to the beach, it's always a good idea to check the weather forecast. Here's a week's weather forecast to help you plan your visit to St Annes Beach Hut.

Customer Testimonials

Nearby Attractions


While the beach huts alone make for a fantastic day out, there's plenty more to see and do around St Annes Beach. Nearby attractions include Blackpool Illuminations, a spectacular light display along the seafront, and the St Annes International Kite Festival, a vibrant event that fills the sky with color, plus the Victorian St Annes Pier.



Whether you're planning a family outing, a romantic date, or just a day of fun under the sun, the St Annes Beach Huts provide the perfect setting. With their modern facilities and ideal location, these huts are more than just a place to store your beach gear – they're a crucial part of the St Annes Beach experience.

So why wait? Book your hut today and start creating unforgettable seaside memories on the beautiful coast of Fylde, Lancashire.

Nearby Attractions
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