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Ashton Gardens

A Historical Gem


Nestled in St Annes's heart, Ashton Gardens is more than just a park; it's a 10-acre testament to history, community, and the joys of the outdoors.


Since its inauguration in 1874, this Grade II listed site has evolved, bearing witness to the changing times and serving as a constant green haven.

Free parking in the streets near to the small lake off Beach Road, St Annes

Ashton Gardens Lytham St Annes

A Glimpse into the Past


Previously christened St George’s Gardens, the grounds came under the patronage of Lord Ashton in 1914. His generous contribution ensured that this green space remained accessible to the community.


Ashton Gardens proudly features on the English Heritage’s esteemed Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest, echoing the grandeur of Victorian-era park designs.

Ashton Gardens St Annes

Ample Amenities for Everyone


From casual meetups at the Pavilion Café to spirited games at the bowling greens, there's a corner for everyone.


I like to sit and watch the bowls on one of the many benches placed around the greens and at times it seems very competitive. Some great standards of bowling along with some immaculately kept bowling greens.


Lytham St Annes has many such greens including Lowther Gardens and Lytham Bowling Club near Lytham Station.


The Pavilion tea room, a favourite spot of mine on sunny afternoons, also doubles up as a venue for private soirées. And for our young adventurers, the galleon climbing frame, a recent addition in 2019, promises thrilling escapades along with sand pits and more climbing frames!

the Pavilion at Ashton Gardens

If you want a quieter place to sit, the well-looked-after Sunken Rose Garden is an array of colour in the Summer months.


Luckily, Fylde Borough's gardeners and greenhouses are just around the corner on Ashton Gardens so they are perfectly placed for maximum upkeep. Have a look if you get time, it's very relaxing.

Ashton Gardens St Annes Play area
Sunken Rose Garden - Ashot Gardens St Annes

Beyond Leisure


A Beacon of Memory and Community


The St Annes War Memorial graces the gardens, standing tall as a solemn reminder of the brave hearts lost to battles. As you are passing by, pay your respects and maybe reflect wit the little ones.

St Annes War Memorial
St Annes War Memorial St Annes

But it's not all about reflection.


The gardens bustle with community events, from the vibrant St Annes Carnival to the melodious strains of the St Anne’s Music Festival in August which is getting more and more popular each year. The Festival is free to visit and there is lots of entertainment on a couple of stages with various bands and singers. Lots of stalls too and a few fairground rides. Great atmosphere and is recommended.

Continuous Restoration:


A Commitment to Excellence

Thanks to significant grants, particularly from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Ashton Gardens has seen splendid restoration works, ensuring its features remain impeccable. These include the restoration of Lodge buildings, the perimeter's meticulous refurbishments, and the much-revered Lord Ashton Monument's sprucing up in the Rose Garden.

Ashton Gardens lake and fountain

There is a lovely lake, not too big, with a fountain, stepping stones and a waterfall. Popular with locals and visitors to the gardens, and a well-known feeding spot for the resident ducks and wildlife.

Always remember as a kid, catching frogs spawn and taking a jam jar full, back to our own pond in Ashley Road and thereafter having an abundance of frogs in a garden every year!

The small lake at Ashton Gardens St Annes

In Conclusion

Ashton Gardens isn't merely a park; it's an experience. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking community warmth, the gardens beckon with open arms. A visit promises a blend of serenity, fun, and a deep connection with St Annes's rich heritage.

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