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Lowther Gardens Lytham

Lowther Gardens Lytham

Discovering Lowther Gardens: Lytham's Green Oasis


Nestled between Lytham's scenic seafront and its bustling main road, Lowther Gardens stands proudly as the oldest park in Lytham St Annes. A signature gem of the Fylde borough, this park seamlessly blends its rich history with a splash of natural beauty, offering both locals and visitors an idyllic escape.

How to find Lowther Gardens


Spanning a generous 5.65 hectares, Lowther Gardens stretches gracefully from West Beach, right along the A584 coast road, and reaches Church Road.


Its borders? Well, they're flanked by Woodville Terrace to the north and Lowther Terrace to the south where there is free parking. Get there before 10am as these roads fill up fast. There is a car park at Lowther near the theatre which is pay and display.


And for those popping it into their GPS – it’s at West Beach, Lytham, FY8 5QQ.

It has always been one of our favourite places to go as a resident. Always remember my gran taking us down to the gardens as a treat to have a look at the budgies in the Avairy, then back to the Lowther Pavilion Cafe for an Ice Cream.


Their commitment to horticultural brilliance is evident, especially since they've clinched the esteemed Green Flag quality award time and again. In the centre is a circular pond with fish swimming in and out of the lily pads. You can nearly touch them fish!

Lowther Gardens pond

Fun Times Await at Lowther Gardens


Lowther Gardens isn’t just about greenery and blooms; it’s a hub of activities tailored for all ages.


For the Kiddos and the Young at Heart

The children's playground beckons with its slides and swings. Meanwhile, tennis enthusiasts can get their adrenaline pumping at the well-maintained courts, and if you fancy a bit of nostalgia, there's always the captivating crazy golf course.

Padel Tennis In The Park


Something most people can have a go at is Padel Tennis. The new courts in the park are situated near the Lowther Theatre in Lowther Gardens and look great fun. You can sit on one of the many benches and watch.


The Padel Courts are the first in the North West of England. They have an online booking system so you can plan ahead and not be disappointed. They are very popular and to book go to their website: for full details

Lowther Gardens Paddle Tennis

For the Calm Seekers

Fancy a game of crown green bowling? With greens that have seen years of refinement, the experience is nothing short of delightful. Many local clubs have match days so it is best to pop along and find out how and when you can get a game.

Bobby Ball Statue


A towering nine-foot statue in bronze depicting the iconic comedian Bobby Ball, playfully tugging at his braces with a mischievous glint in his eyes, he was such a great guy, a talented TV show entertainer, singer and comedian and sadly missed by many in the area. 


This impressive monument, tipping the scales at approximately 600kg (1322 lbs), captures the entertainer during his 40th year. Its a great tribute : Bobby Ball(1944-2020)

Bobby Ball Statue Lytham

A Walk Down Memory Lane


It’s fascinating to think that the Gardens, now a symbol of leisure and beauty, was once known as the 'Hungry Moor', primarily rough grazing grounds. Its transformation in 1872, led by Colonel John Talbot Clifton, saw the birth of the now-beloved public pleasure grounds. The name, you ask? It's a heartfelt tribute to Eleanor Cecily Clifton’s brother, Henry Lowther.

August 27, 1872, marked its grand opening, with the noble intent of luring Blackpool visitors to witness Lytham's unique charm.

Lowther Pavilion Theatre Lytham

Architectural Highlights in the Gardens


Lowther Gardens' layout has weathered time beautifully. Additions like the Bowling Greens in 1905 only elevated its allure.

The Grand Lowther Pavilion Theatre

Positioned at the heart of the gardens, the theatre stands as a testament to Lytham St Annes' vibrant arts scene, regaling audiences with plays, musicals, and more.


This iconic structure is the heartbeat of local culture, hosting myriad performances and exhibitions. Many well-known music artists have performed at this venue (which is not the main venue for Lytham Festival) and offers many different music, concerts and show bookings.

Don’t miss the aviary (from 1934!) and the magnificent herbaceous border, which has taken the place of the original rose bed near the pitch and putt zone.

Lowther Gardens wooded area

The Best of Lowther Gardens


Nature’s Bounty

Lowther Gardens is a sanctuary for myriad birds, butterflies, and critters. It's a joy to watch the bees buzzing around the vibrant flowers or spot shrimpers in the pond.

The Lowther Cafe

The Lowther Pavilion Cafe has delighted patrons for three decades with a diverse menu of meals and cakes. When we take a stroll through the park we can often smell the delights of a bacon sandwich or 3 wafting across, so tempting!

The cafe offers both interior and exterior seating. Well-mannered dogs are warmly welcomed, though it's essential to note that only service dogs are permitted within the theatre's foyer.


As you can sit outside at some tables, it's very handy for dog owners to sit looking out across to the bowling greens and circular pool.

For the convenience of our visitors, toilets, including facilities for the disabled, are situated in the car park near the entrance to the Lowther Pavilion theatre.


Summer: 7.30 am – 5 pm

Winter: 8 am – 4.30 pm.

Lowther Cafe Lytham

Support & Cherish Lowther Gardens


With a legacy spanning decades, Lowther Gardens holds a dear place in the community’s heart. Support its legacy by attending shows at the Lowther Pavilion Theatre or by joining fundraising efforts, ensuring this gem shines for future generations.

Lowther Cafe Lowther Gardens Lytham

Planning Your Day at Lowther Gardens


Open all year round, the Gardens is a treasure trove of experiences, be it for locals or tourists. Dive into its history, relax amidst nature, and etch unforgettable memories in this green paradise.

For more details or to know about upcoming events, connect with the Lowther Pavilion Theatre’s welcoming team or explore their official website.

In Conclusion

Lowther Gardens, Lytham St Annes, is more than just a park. It's a journey through time, culture, and nature, all wrapped in one. So, gear up, set out, and lose yourself in the magnificent confluence of history and nature at Lowther Gardens.

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